If Victim or Abuser is Faculty and Staff

Commonly Used Options

There are many options available, these are a few of the more commonly used. It is important for the victim to choose what is best for them and their situation. Please Note: Not all linked pages will have an exit or escape button.

Domestic Violence Centers

Your local Domestic Violence Center is able to provide detailed information on each option

Safety Plan to Stay

Local Domestic Violence Center can help you develop personalized safety plan.


Local Domestic Violence Center operates 24 hour emergency shelter.

Relocation Assistance

Domestic Violence Center may assist in obtaining resources to relocate.

Legal Aid Services

May provide divorce or custody clinics.

Protection from Abuse Order (PFA)

PFA, a three year restraining order obtained through the Court.  http://www.womenslaw.org


Documenting with the police the history of abuse or reporting current abuse. http://www.psp.state.pa.us/psp/cwp/view.asp?A=2&Q=85200

Human Resources

Can make referrals and offer services through the University. http://www.ohr.psu.edu/

Domestic Violence Centers

Contact your local Domestic Violence Center in PA
or call 1-800-799-SAFE to be connected to them.

Sexual Assault Centers

Contact your local Sexual Assault Center http://www.pcar.org/help/hotlines.html
or call 1.800.656.HOPE to be connected to them.